Bedroom to Boardroom: 

 Sexual Mastery as the Path to Embodied Confidence & Leadership 

Your sexual energy is your Life Force Energy, it’s intrinsically part of you & your everyday life. How you feel about yourself, your connection to your body, & your sexual power permeates all aspects of your life.

 When you can harness the skill of true presence & deep intimacy with yourself, you embody rooted power, confidence, & leadership in any room you step into you. 

But We've All Been Taught To Feel Shame & Guilt Around Our Sexuality & To Express It In Only Very Specific Ways.

 This creates disconnection from your true nature, separation from your power, & a lack of rooted confidence. 

Your Sexual Energy Is The Foundation Of Your Very Existence. 

realize it or not...

Or feeling collapsed around being able to communicate your truth and what matters to you. 

It looks like feeling unworthy of taking up space or being fearful around how people will react or respond to you. 

Like trying to people please by making yourself smaller, trying to be as agreeable as possible, or overly control people’s perception of you. 

You end up being quick to self reject or self abandon in order to avoid rejection from others. But this makes it difficult to fully trust in yourself or to actually have your own back. 

All of this can leave you feeling disconnected from your power and your ability to take charge of your own life.

This disconnection looks like being unable to voice your needs and desires.

This is the ability to learn, know, & honor yourself deeply. 

You know what your values are, what your Highest Life Vision looks like, your heart’s deepest desires, and what turns you on. 

You know what makes you feel safe, seen, & understood. 

And you give yourself that safety by meeting your own needs and effectively communicating what you need from loved ones in your life. 

Furthermore, you feel confident and worthy to communicate these things and receive them.

When you’re able to connect to yourself in this way, you learn how to love and accept all aspects of you. 

You welcome the joyful, kind, & generous parts of you AND…

the parts that make you feel shame, guilt, anger, or grief.  

Because you know they ALL carry gems of wisdom and transformative power for you to be more rooted in who you truly are.

This Mentorship Provides The Opportunity For You To Dive Deep & Cultivate True Intimacy With Yourself. 


"Because of this course I feel more in tune with how to ask for what I need and more in tune with my body and subtle/sensual sensations. I feel more sexually alive, “there” for sex, and less in my head. 

It was a beautiful experience! Thank you Shannon for the gentle guidance and push into a more authentic, joyful way to live! I could relate to you easily and go to a vulnerable place without fear because you were super non judgmental and kind!

I would recommend your work to women who have trouble expressing themselves, in life and in the bedroom. Also women who are chronically stressed and always rushing." 

nicole M.

“My biggest hurdle I have overcome is to connect to my sensuality and sexuality.

This was something I didn’t really pay attention to or was conscious about before. I learned to talk about it, to think about my needs and desires, to understand what pleasure is for me, and how to pleasure myself. 

Life is now much more lighter for me. I have the tools to keep myself centered and get in the right energy. My relationship with myself and with my partner got so much better. I am doing things that give me pleasure, because now I know what turns me on. And I’ve learned to let go more.

I would recommend Shannon’s work to women who are at a crossroads; to women who don’t know how they can change their life and forgot they matter too.

I believe her work can help them find their light and see that a joyful life is in their reach.” 

Natasha Y.

What Others Are Saying...

You also become incredibly present & more receptive to pleasure within your sexual experiences, whether they are solo or with another. 

You know that nourishing buzz of aliveness you feel from orgasm? 

It’s because in orgasm you are opening yourself to Cosmic Connection and to Universal Consciousness.

It’s the space of Infinite Potential. You experience not only pleasure, but your own Life Force Energy, power, & potential. 

In that moment you’re opening yourself up, releasing resistance, softening, & surrendering to life itself. 

Your Life Force Energy is the fuel of your creative energy. It’s how you bring your unique ideas and expression to life. It’s how you share who you are and embody what makes you uniquely YOU in the world. 

When You Know Yourself Intimately, You Become More Present & are Better Relate To Others In Your Everyday Life. 

You’re opening up a portal to Infinite Wisdom, creative insights, & profound downloads.


Orgasm is a such a powerful and practical measure of your nervous system’s capacity to receive pleasure, not only sexually, but also to receive good things happening to you in life. 

Receiving is a skill and practice that can be applied across all aspects of your life. 

It’s your ability to receive a compliment, a new opportunity or experience, promotion, love, money, gifts, leisure of time & space, and so much more. 

This requires you to be rooted in your worthiness and deservingness to create, cultivate, & receive what is that you desire.  

This is true liberation & freedom. The openness to what Life wants to offer you and experience through you. 

When you learn how to pleasure yourself in a deeper way, & strengthen your availability to pleasure, are signaling to the Universe just how receptive you are to goodness in your life. 

It affects how you show up in the world in very powerful ways. 

Because how you do one thing in life is how you do everything else. 

With this reclamation of your Life Force Energy & your skillful ability to work with it…

You become a Creative Force and magnetize your Life Vision with precision. 

You communicate your truth, values, desires, needs, vision, and goals with deep purpose, clarity, & confidence.

You show up as a leader in all aspects of your life. 

And people can feel that. 

Because you’re radiant in your unique power and expression when you step into any room. Whether it’s pleasure time in the bedroom or time to be an impactful leader in the boardroom. 

Essentially, this mentorship is really about making your life better & wetter ;) 

When you learn how to feel fully at home in your body, welcome pleasure, & learn how to channel your sexual energy into your life…

The One Who Is Connected Into Your Heart's Frequency, Tapped Into Your Power, Sexually Alive, Vibrant, Abundant, Playful, Rooted, & Open.

This version lives within you & is a powerful guide. 

This mentorship is a portal to bring this energy forward and deepen your connection to it, so that you can experience the highest vision of your life and be your true self, unapologetically.

It is wildly life changing in the best ways possible.

I invite you to pause, To Visualize & Feel The Most Free & Alive Version Of You...

if this is speaking to you...

✧ You're a woman, man, or non-binary

✧ You’re ready to follow that deeper Inner Knowing that there is so much more of you to be and share. You’re ready to step into the world as your Most Free & Alive Self.

✧ You're ready to embody your power & leadership in all aspects of your life; You know how you do one thing is how you do everything else 

✧ You're ready to fully embrace who you are, your needs, desires, & life vision for what you want in the bedroom and in the boardroom

✧ You're ready to walk this path with an open heart, committed to your Highest Truth, & welcome the life aligned with your deepest desires and dreams.

This mentorship is incredibly powerful & has so much to offer. If you have specific questions about if it will be a perfect fit you, I highly encourage you to reach out with your questions. 

I want you to know, I see you and I have so much love and compassion for where you're at. There are SO MANY amazing possibilities that await you!

is for you if:

  • How to identity and release resistance, fear, contraction, or self-sabotage towards your desires                                                                                               
  • How to expand your nervous system's capacity for pleasure & to receive all kinds of goodness 

  • How to be the leader of your own life, take up space, & embody rooted confidence in who you are

  • How to create JUICY Holistic Sex Practices for deeper intimacy, pleasure, & receptivity 

  • How to build emotional empowerment, so that you can clearly express and respond to your emotions with purpose, rather than a downward spiral; understand the wisdom of your emotions

  • How to embody your worthiness & deservingness, so you can confidently welcome opportunities

  • How to build safety for yourself by slowing down & asking for what you need in all situations 

  • How to own your values & your Truth unapologetically, so that your life matches who you truly are

  • How to create & navigate vibrant and healthy relationships of all kinds

  • How to resolve conflict, negotiate, create boundaries, speak publicly, interview, ask for a raise/promotion, & communicate with clarity, confidence, & ease

  • How to access the wisdom of your Divine Feminine (Yin Energy) who helps you tap into deep Trust, creative Flow, & Powerful Surrender to Life. This helps you to get out of your own way. It helps you build a life that feels nourishing & that honors the wisdom of your body & energy cycles. 

  • How to access the wisdom of your Divine Masculine (Yang Energy) who helps you bring stability, safety, & Deep Presence in Life.  This helps you to have your own back. It helps you create sustainable structures, achieve your goals, & build your life vision in a supportive way.

  • How to access the playful joy, curiosity, & creativity of your Inner Child. This also helps you heal childhood wounding & reparent yourself with a new, loving dynamic.  This prevents old wounds and limiting beliefs from sabotaging present opportunities. 


We cover a wide range of topics in a deeply embodied way


That means you learn how to integrate this work into your subconscious mind, nervous system, & energy body. This creates deep, long lasting shifts and results. Together, we will cover: 


Email to let me know you're interested.
You'll then receive a short application to fill out & we'll schedule a 15 min call.
In this call, I'll learn more about you, your desires, & needs. And you'll have to opportunity to ask any questions that can help you decide if my work is for you. 
If we both feel we’re a great fit in working together, we’ll schedule our first session.
This session will be 90 mins for $222 via Zoom.
After the session, if we both are a FUCK YES in diving deeper together, we will plan your mentorship together. 
The mentorship is 3 months long, with 12 sessions. However, if a different time frame is more suited for you, we can also work with that.
Total investment for 12 sessions is on a sliding scale, between $2,664-$6,660.
We will do a guided meditation to help you connect to your Inner Knowing & find an investment price that is in full alignment for you. 
The reason it’s on a sliding scale is so that you can find a number that feels safe, aligned, & expansive for you.

How to Apply & Investment:


Know that I would be absolutely honored to be your guide.

It's my life's work to amplify all that is you & help you experience cosmic alignment and bliss.
That beautiful feeling of awe, aliveness, & joyful synchronicity when you know you're on the right path.
Ready to dive in? Email me at, let’s jump together! 

IF you're called to this path...

Your desires & your vision for your life are very specific to you. They’re encoded into your Soul because they’re meant to come alive through you. Through YOUR unique expression and YOUR energetic vibration. You have the exact DNA & frequency to make it happen. 

Deep down you can feel the disharmony within yourself when you’re not living your truth, not connected to your heart’s deepest desires, & not expressing the fullest version of you. 

Once you release your old limiting beliefs, patterns, & what is no longer energetically aligned to you…

You create the space to cultivate what it is that you do want to experience and receive in this life.

That’s when you magnetize the opportunities, connections, and experiences that make your heart sing & your body feel so alive and turned on.

It’s when you become the most magnetic, powerful, & pleasured version of you. Your most free and alive self.

Ready to dive in? 

contact me

How long are you willing to let things stay exactly the same?

This juicy practice is my ABSOLUTE favorite. You will learn how to work with your body, breath, intention, & Chakras (energy centers) in a profound way.

This practice allows you to release what is no longer serving you, activate your magnetic power, and manifest your desires & life vision. It can be done as a renewing meditation or in combination with a self pleasure practice. Whatever vibe you’re feeling for the day ;) Ready to dive in? 


Sex Magic: The Magnetic Power of Meditation & Pleasure