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I was forced to rethink my whole life and reflect on all the unhelpful habits & patterns that were keeping me on the path of burnout, frustration, & disconnection to my power. 

I had been stuck in a trance of unworthiness for so long without realizing it. I was constantly running on a hamster wheel of overachieving & perfectionism, but still feeling like an imposter deep down. I was constantly trying to please people around me, which resulted in me overstepping my own boundaries, eventually abandoning myself and what mattered to me.

My Life Journey So Far Has Been The Wildest Rollercoaster...

A Concussion & Then Autoimmune Disorder Literally Changed The Course Of My Life. 

 This led me to dive deeper into the path of Tantra and rediscover myself through my own spiritual power & pleasure.

This began a whole new journey to create deep friendship & partnership with myself as the foundation for my life. It took years of patience, trial & error, learning, & constantly showing up to get to where I am today. 

And all of it has become a core part of my teachings to help you design a life that is filled with joy, rooted power, pleasure, embodied confidence, & leadership. A life that is built on a foundation of unshakeable self-love, self-trust and deep friendship & partnership with all of who you are.

If this resonates, you're in the right place.

I finally realized I was so disconnected from my own true nature, my aliveness, joy, pleasure, & freedom.

I see your highest potential, where you are unapologetically yourself & totally turned on by your life, and what is holding you back from living that in your day to day. 

I sit with you in your DEEPEST, DARKEST shadows, without fear or judgment, and guide you into curiosity and safety with those parts of yourself. So that you can transmute your shame & guilt and discover the absolute gems that are hidden within them. 

I guide you on how to bring deep spiritual practices into your daily life, in a very practical and accessible way. 

I work with all the layers of you: your body, nervous system, mind, heart, energy, & Soul. All of these layers make up who you truly are, so it’s vital that you have true balance and integration within all of them. Together they create powerful results & long lasting transformation. 

When you have this strong foundation, you show powerfully in the world and have to ability to consistently create & easily receive your highest life vision. The most common client feedback from my sessions include feeling “deeply seen, understood, grounded, & Whole again”.

I’m A Masterful Space Holder & Bring My Unique Expertise, Wisdom, & Psychic Gifts To The Table. 

So now the question is, are you ready to step into your most Magnetic, Powerful, & Pleasured Era?

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Rooted: Deep Friendship & Partnership with
All That is You 

To be fully Rooted in yourself means that you have an unshakeable foundation of Self Love & Self Trust, you embrace your unique power, & follow your deeper knowing. 

You know who you are & what matters to you, so you use that as your compass to be the most unapologetic and fully expressed version of you. You have the inner resources to rise to any challenge, to go after your heart’s deepest desires, and live your highest life vision. 

Bedroom To Boardroom: Sexual Mastery as the Path to Embodied Confidence & Leadership 

Your sexual energy is your Life Force Energy, it’s intrinsically part of you & your everyday life.

How you feel about yourself, your connection to your body, & your sexual power permeates all aspects of your life. When you can harness the skill of true presence & deep intimacy with yourself, you embody rooted power, confidence, & leadership in any room you step into you. 

Shamanic Reiki Sessions & Trainings

Use Universal Life Force Energy to elevate the vibration of your energetic body, which brings harmony to your body, mind, heart, & soul. 

All of these layers make up who you truly are, so it’s vital that you have true balance and integration within all of them. When you have this strong foundation, you show powerfully in the world and have to ability to consistently create & easily receive your highest life vision. 

After working with Shannon, I’ve been able to experience for the first time in my life what it feels like to feel fully complete and whole as a person. To feel fully grounded in myself. Before I was afraid of being alone, chasing relationship after relationship and always compromising and losing myself in the process.. I now show up differently in my career and my creative projects, with friends and family and potential suitors. I’m better able to say no when I mean no and yes when I mean yes. I’ve been attracting tons of great opportunities and healthy relationships in all areas of my life. "

"I feel like some secret super power has been unleashed within myself

-Paula S.

I’m so grateful I met Shannon and the profound transformational healing skills she offers through her work. Shannon provided a safe space and the session was an incredible addition to my healing practice. I felt how present she showed up for it and knowledgeable about the practice is, which made it a wonderful experience and continues to bring me renewed insight." 

“I was called into Reiki as I needed to heal & ground myself while letting go of a connection.


"I would recommend your work to women who have trouble expressing themselves, in life & in the bedroom. 

-Nicole M.

Also women who are chronically stressed and always rushing. I think they would benefit from exploring their thought patterns around pleasure, in order to reframe beliefs that keep them from getting to experience it in everyday life.” 


Number of times I moved to a city or country based on my intuition.


Number of times I regretted it.


Years I’ve been walking this Path of Self Realization & Transformation.

People I’ve served through my classes, workshops, trainings, & sessions.


Your desires & your vision for your life are very specific to you. They’re encoded into your Soul because they’re meant to come alive through you. Through YOUR unique expression and YOUR energetic vibration. You have the exact DNA & frequency to make it happen. 

Deep down you can feel the disharmony within yourself when you’re not living your truth, not connected to your heart’s deepest desires, & not expressing the fullest version of you. 

Once you release your old limiting beliefs, patterns, & what is no longer energetically aligned to you…

You create the space to cultivate what it is that you do want to experience and receive in this life.

That’s when you magnetize the opportunities, connections, and experiences that make your heart sing & your body feel so alive and turned on.

It’s when you become the most magnetic, powerful, & pleasured version of you. Your most free and alive self.

Ready to dive in? 

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How long are you willing to let things stay exactly the same?

This juicy practice is my ABSOLUTE favorite. You will learn how to work with your body, breath, intention, & Chakras (energy centers) in a profound way.

This practice allows you to release what is no longer serving you, activate your magnetic power, and manifest your desires & life vision. It can be done as a renewing meditation or in combination with a self pleasure practice. Whatever vibe you’re feeling for the day ;) Ready to dive in? 


Sex Magic: The Magnetic Power of Meditation & Pleasure