Spiritual & Sexual Wisdom with Shannon Handa 

I share my unique wisdom, practical tips, and experiences about life through the lens of spirituality. I offer my expertise around how to be deeply connected to yourself, Universal Consciousness, and the creative & magnetic power of your sexuality. I’m your biggest cheerleader so I share all of this with love, sass, & sometimes a kick in the ass to wake you up. 

The core of my teachings is to help you design a life that is filled with joy, rooted power, pleasure, embodied confidence, & leadership. A life that is built on a foundation of unshakeable self-love, self-trust and deep friendship & partnership with all of who you are.

My life journey so far has been the wildest rollercoaster, so keep reading to learn a bit more about me, & all the wisdom that I would love to share with you <3

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This show is for you to understand yourself more deeply, so that you become the most unapologetic & fully expressed version of you.  

I help you understand what’s holding you back from experiencing your highest life vision & receiving your heart’s deepest desires. I take you on a journey of how sexual mastery can help you embody deeper confidence & help you show up as a leader in every room you step into. I take my own wisdom, expertise, & life experiences and give you a podcast that is your go-to for the realest Spiritual & Sexual Wisdom. Like I said, it’s to make your life better & wetter ;) 

This juicy practice is my ABSOLUTE favorite. You will learn how to work with your body, breath, intention, & Chakras (energy centers) in a profound way.

This practice allows you to release what is no longer serving you, activate your magnetic power, and manifest your desires & life vision. It can be done as a renewing meditation or in combination with a self pleasure practice. Whatever vibe you’re feeling for the day ;) Ready to dive in? 


Sex Magic: The Magnetic Power of Meditation & Pleasure